Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Beserta Kunci Jawaban Semester Dua

Berikut adalah latihan soal bahasa inggris sma smk dan ma untuk kelas sebelas beserta kunci jawaban untuk semester genap atau semester dua. Kunci jawaban ada pada tulisan yang diblok hitam. Semoga adanya soal bahasa inggris ini membantu siswa untuk belajar mengerjakan soal atau untuk yang mencari bahan sebagai referensi soal bahasa inggris.

1. Hey Siti, …..go to star gazing tonight?
a. Are you
b. How about
c. Shall them
d. Would you like to

2. What shall we do today? ….. we go to the library.
a. How about
b. Let’s
c. Why don’t
d. Would you

3. Receptionist : Good morning, can I have your ticket, please?
Customer : ……
a. Thank you
b. Here you are
c. Good morning
d. Good evening

4. Receptionist : Good eveninhg, Can I help you?
Customer : Good evening, Yes,I’m very sleepy, ……….
Receptionist : Single or doble?
Customer : Single, please.
a. I would like to book a room for tonight
b. I would like to book a table for tonight
c. I would like to book a seat for tonight
d. I would like to book a ticket for tonight

5. Waiter : Hi there, how can I help you?
Customer : …..
Waiter : What is the problem with the shirt?
Customer : give a bigger one, it is too small for me.
a. I would like to buy this shirt
b. I would like to return this shirt
c. I would like to offer this shirt
d. I would like to prepare this shirt

6. Rena : I wonder why you always bring so many cigarrettes.
Eko : I like them them so much.
Rena : ….. is dangerous for us. Don’t you know that?
a. Smoking
b. Smoke
c. Smoked
d. Smoker

7. George : Do you know where is Tina?
Shanti : I don’t know where Tina is.
George : I really disappointed, she left me without … a word
a. Say
b. Said
c. Saying
d. Have said

8. Mother : This room is very dirty. You haven’t cleaned it up yet, ……….?
Lean : I’m sorry, Mom. I got up late.
a. Do you
b. Don’t you
c. Have you
d. Haven’t you

9. Father : You will never make me dispointed, … ?
Rendra : I won’t, Dad. I’ll always do the best.
a. Won’t you
b. Will you
c. Did you
d. Didn’t you

10. Teacher : Which one do you prefer, study English or Math?
Student : …..
a. I prefer study English than Math
b. I prefer study English better than Math
c. I prefer study English better Math
d. I prefer study English to Math

11. Mother : Which one do you like, eating pizza or sandwich?
a. I like eating pizza than sandwich
b. I like eating pizza better than sandwich
c. I like eating sandwich better pizza
d. I like eating sandwich to pizza

12. Prince : Which would you rather do, dancing or singing?
Princess : ….
a. I would rather do dancing than singing
b. I would rather do dancing better than singing
c. I would rather do singing better dancing
d. I would rather do singing to dancing

13. She said,”The article is easy to understand.”
The Reported Speech is ….
a. She said that the article is easy to understand
b. She said that the article was easy to understand
c. She said that the article were easy to understand
d. She said that the artice had been easy to understand

14. Mother said, “Wash your mitten carefully.”
The Reported Speech is …..
a. Mother said that wash my mitten carefully
b. Mother said if wash my mitten carefully
c. Mother said to wash my mitten carefully
d. Mother said whether wash my mitten carefully

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