Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII Beserta Kunci Jawaban Semester Satu

Berikut ini adalah soal bahasa inggris untuk kelas tiga SMK SMA / MA semester gasal atau ganjil. Latihan soal bahasa inggris kelas dua belas ini hanya untuk pembelajaran atau sebagai bahan referensi soal. Mudah – mudahan membantu dan bermanfaat. Jawaban pada tulisan yang diblok hitam tebal.

1. He works in a restaurant. He serves the food and beverage the customer order on the table.
He is a……
a. Chef
b. Cook
c. Waiter
d. Receptionist

2. A : ………………
B  : I am a stewardess
a. What are you?
b. How are you?
c. How do you do?
d. What do you do every Monday?

3. I would like to ….. a single ticket Tokyo
a. Make
b. Reserve
c. Want
d. Supppose

4. Reservation is an activity to reserve …….
a. House
b. Room
c. Furniture
d. Meat

5. The Bangkok branch of our bank …….. a year ago.
a. Opens
b. Opened
c. Has opened
d. Will open

6. Man : ……..
Officer : which do you need, single or return?
Man : return please.
a. I would like to reserve a table
b. I want to make a reservation
c. I am going to book a room
d. I want to book a ticket

7. She asked me, “ have you eaten breakfast?”
She asked me ……
a. If I have eaten breakfast
b. If I have been eaten breakfast
c. If I ate breakfast
d. If I had eaten brakfast

8. Didik : Why do you come late?
Arief : If it ……. rain, I would come on time.
a. Was
b. Were
c. Were not
d. Was not

9. If Tyson ……… for the fight more intensively, he would have won it.
a. Prepares
b. Prepared
c. Have prepared
d. Have been prepared

10. A : …….
B : Sure, Sarah ( S-A-R-A-H)
a. What can I do?
b. Mention your name!
c. What is your name?
d. Could you spell your name?

11. A : Here is your key, Sir.
B : Oh… Thank you
A : Have a nice day
The dialogue happens in …..
a. A hotel
b. An airplane
c. A theater
d. A restaurant

12. A : Here is your seat, Sir!
B : Oh, thank you
A : Have a nice Flight
The dialogue happens in …..
a. A hotel
b. An airplane
c. A theater
d. A bus station

13. Bell boy : Here is your room and this is your case
Guest : Thank you
Bell boy : ……., Sir?
Guest : I’d be glad to have a lemon tea
Bell boy : Sure
a. What do you think if I help you
b. What else can I do for you
c. Do you mind if I help you
d. Yes, Of course

14. Visitor : Why is this place is so messy?
Host : I’m sorry …….., But we will tidy it up as soon as possible
a. It’s not my problem
b. Can you clean it
c. The office boy didn’t come this week
d. It’s not belong to or services

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