Latihan Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris SMK Kurikulum 2006

Dibawah adalah contoh latihan soal bahasa inggris untuk ujian sekolah berstandar nasional USBN jenjang SMK kurikulum 2006. Soal bahasa inggris ini dilengkapi kunci jawaban yang diblok hitam tebal. Bagi kalian yang ingin belajar soal bahasa inggris untuk persiapan dan menghadapi USBN yang akan datang, langsung saja simak soalnya. Mudah – mudahan latihan soal bahasa inggris ini dapat membantu kalian dan bermanfaat.

The following text is for number one – five (1 – 5)

Our fax machine is easy to use.
First, ple the document on the freeder tray, face down.
Next, enter the recipent’s fax number.
Finally, press the start button.

1. How many steps are there to carry out the instruction?
a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four

2. The goal of the instruction above is …..
a. How to repair a fax
b. How to maintain a fax
c. How to buy a fax
d. How to use a fax

3. What should be placed on the feeder
a. Some paper
b. Start button
c. A cup of tea
d. Document

4. What is the text called?
a. Procedure
b. Advertisement
c. Notice
d. Story

5. What should you do after you place the document?
a. Press the start button
b. Pull the facedown
c. Wait the red button on
d. Enter the recipent’s fax number 

Questions for number 6 to 8 refer to the following text:

We are pleased to announce that Brions will be moving into new office sites on July 3, 2017.
We are very glad to welcome all of our friends and business partners – old and new – to meet us in the new office after July 17, 2017.

Management of Brions Company
County Road 537, Nevada, Texas
Phone: 206-267-8271

6. What is the writer’s intention in the announcement above?
a. To announce about the new company of Brions
b. To invite the business partners of the company
c. To inform publics about the office relocation
d. To inform the program of new office

7. From the text, we know that ……………..
a. Brions Company has two offices
b. Brions Company doesn’t have new business partners
c. Brions Company’s new office will open after July 17, 2017.
d. Brions Company will meet their friends and partners in older office 

8. “……moving into new office sites……”.
The bold word means ………………
a. Lands
b. Streets
c. Buildings
d. Branches

Questions for number 9 to 10 refer to the following dialogue:

Tessa : Hello, Fenny. This is Tessa. I’m not feeling very well today, and I don’t think I can come to work this morning.
Fenny : Sorry to hear that, Tessa. Will you come to work tomorrow morning?
Tessa : Well, I’m planning on coming to the  office sometime after lunch if I feel better today.
Fenny : I see, get well soon, honey.

9. What are they talking about?
a. Lunch programs.
b. Someone’s career.
c. Activities for tomorrow.
d. Someone’s health.

10. When does Tessa hope to come to work?
a. At lunch time.
b. This afternoon.
c. Tomorrow morning.
d. Tonight.

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