Soal Bahasa Inggris dan Kunci Jawaban Untuk Kelas X Semester II

Berikut adalah soal bahasa inggris beserta kunci jawaban untuk kelas x pada semester genap. Contoh soal bahasa inggris semester dua ini, mudah mudahan berguna untuk anda yang ingin belajar atau mencari referensi lainnya.  Kunci jawabannya ada pada kalimat yang diblok tebal.

1.    Lia        : May I have your name?
Bela        :Of course, my name is Bela
Lia        : ………..
Bela        : Yes, B – E – L– A 
a.    How do you do?
b.    Can you spell it?
c.    What is the letter?
d.    It is OK Jasmine.

2.    Caller        : Hello, can I speak to Mrs. Barack, please?
Receptionist    : I’m sorry, she is out at the moment . . . ?
Caller        : Ok, Please! tell her that Mr. Rahman called.
a.    Can you help me
b.    Can I take a message
c.    Could you tell me
d.    Could you leave a message

3.    Jani        : Good morning, Delta Jaya Company
Richardo    : Good morning . . .
Jani        : I’m sorry, he isn’t in the office today.
Richardo     : OK. I’ll call him later.
a.    May I speak to Mr. Gunawan, please?
b.    Could you speak up, please?
c.    I’ll put you through to Gunawan.
d.    I would like to leave a message.

4.    Diana    : He always buys some books in a Store, he always spends his much money there. He does it  twice a week to find a newest one.
Rendi    : I think his hobby is …
a.    Shopping
b.    Reading
c.    Singing
d.    Writing

5.    Jesica    : Good afternoon, Miss. … ?
Rena    : Yes, I’d like to book a ticket to Malaysia.   
a.    Can you help me?
b.    Can you help Rena ?
c.    Can I help you?
d.    Can Rena help you?

6.    Arina    : I can’t finish working because I’m very tired.
Arnod    : ….
a.    You should go to the dentist
b.    You should come to my party
c.    You should take a copy
d.    You should take a rest for a while

7.    Tyas    : ….. in the morning?   
Shela    : She always prepare breakfast  for my family.
a.    What do you do?
b.    What did you do?
c.    What does your mother do?
d.    What did your mother do?

8.    Rina    : What do you like to do in your spare time?
Dira    : ………..
Rina    : I do, too. I like Jazz.
a.    I like reading novel
b.    I’d rather see the movie
c.    I had better stay at home
d.    I like listening to music

9.    Yulia     : I heard you got a new Job. ………….
Roberto    : Thanks. But they want me to start this Monday. It is too soon.
a.    Count me in
b.    Congratulation
c.    Shame on you
d.    I love you

10.    Suryana    : Good morning, … ?
Ticket seller    : It usually open at three p.m.
a.    What time does the movie open
b.    When time does the movie open
c.    Where time does the movie open
d.    Which time does the movie open

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